Lyme Disease Symptoms Soothed with Light Therapy


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Here is the amazing testimonial from a woman suffering from Lyme disease who sought healing from Kambo, which is "Amazonian Frog Venom". During her treatment, she was introduced to our BlissLights Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector which gave her tremendous relief leading to restful sleep like she had not experienced in 10 years. The soothing properties of the BlissLights projectors have given relief to many suffering from difficult life experiences and some more are found by clicking here - healing testimonials 

"For the past ten years, I've had Lyme disease which brought terrible seizures and pain. I was on a lot of meds but found some relief in certain colors. I set up a bunch of black lights around my room and used them during seizures, pain, and just feeling a bit better. This brings me to finding your company, Lasers and I have looked at many machines but none were strong enough. Then a good friend of mine hired healer to help me with their treatments for the Lyme disease. She, by chance, brought your light machine and when she saw my arrangement of black lights I use to sleep with, she brought in your machine (Bliss 15). It has been three weeks of using your light machine every night. I am off all meds and have used your machine the whole time. I can't imagine ever not sleeping with it again as not a single seizure has reared its ugly head, not to mention that the blue shades and green mesmerizing dots and shapes keep me concentrating during times of pain and/or seizures. (Although I haven't had a seizure since using your machine) I have many FB Lymes, in fact, thousands, that I talk to and plan to inform them of your light machine. I thought you should know how truly amazing your machine is, and its effects may be more helpful, certainly gratifying then you realized. It has been the best thing that has ever happened for my seizures and pain in 10 years and I thank you for creating such a machine." Submitted by C.B in Northern California June 18th, 2015

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