Plan your display for Holiday and Landscape with laser coverage


Plan your Holiday and Landscape laser display by knowing the "spread" of your laser coverage.

If you have lots of surfaces that you want to cover with laser beams, like overhanging trees, buildings and landscape, then focus on using the BlissLights with their amazing 160-degree wide angle coverage. If you want to highlight a single tree or part of your display, the 80 to 90-degree coverage of some units will saturate the laser beams in that smaller area.

The photo above is showing an 80 to 90 degree coverage which is from the Sparkle Magic and Custom series landscape lasers that we offer. The photo below shows the BlissLights' 160 degree landscape lasers coverage.

laser wand 160 degree spread

When planning a display consider using multiple projectors with different colors, size beams, moving speeds and patterns for layers that make a more exciting display. You can power all of your projectors from a single light sensing transformer for landscape holiday lasers with hidden, safe and easy to use low voltage wiring systems.

With this system in place your entire lighting system will automatically turn on at dusk for as long as you set it for and you have no ugly, dangerous extension cords stretching around your yard.

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