Security methods for laser projectors with cable, wall flange or clip


security cable cropped

Preventing theft of your landscape lighting is a potential concern in public locations, so we have suggestions for you here. Protecting your landscape lasers is important when it is displayed on your front lawn or any public location. Here are some systems to consider:


1 - By adding a cable to a stake that you drive into the ground. For added security, you can use a posthole digger and a longer piece of rebar bent at the bottom and pour concrete around it.


With a lead cable clasp, the cable is locked to the spright projector, although it could be dismantled with a hex wrench and patience. Drilling a hole thru the upper projector portion would be even more secure.

By drilling a hole thru the rebar the cable is attached there with a loop and lead cable locking clasp smashed closed.

2- Purchase a wall flange from us to replace the stake and mount the unit overhead out of reach.

1-2 in. wall flange for spright

3- Purchase a BlissLights Clip from us and attach it to a branch, pole or railing overhead out of reach.


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