• Holographic lighting and fog.

    Holographic lighting and fog.
    Light up your life with Laser Starfield Projectors sending thousands of colored beams of light throughout your yard, home or event hall! All of these projectors run from $100 to $250 @ and are made to plug and play for anyone to use! Then add a fog machine to bring them into Three Dimensional shafts of light! Special Thanks to Kyer Wiltshire Photography for...
  • BlissLights Lasers details and specifications.

    BlissLights Lasers details and specifications.
    BlissLights Laser Projectors - Product Details and Specifications This magical series of Starfield Projectors are famous for projecting a Starry Night Sky in venues across the nation. This powerful patented laser creation is popular with DJs, event producers, wedding planners and home owners for amazing effects. The Bliss 15 & Bliss 50 generate an enormous universe of stars over a windblown blue nebula cloudfield....
  • DIY Holiday decorating idea's

    DIY Holiday decorating idea's
    Check out our latest newsletter for DIY holiday decorating! A variety of ways to utilize the products found here and create your own unique holiday scene, indoors and outdoors! BlissLights Garden Accent lights   BlissLights Sprights   Outdoor Landscape projector   Snow Flurries  
  • Ultimate Night Light for sleepover

    Ultimate Night Light for sleepover
    One simple Laser Stars Starfield projector  made the The Ultimate Night Light for these boys' sleepover and moon walk! One of them uses the Laser Stars regularly as a night light but with a friend sleeping over it becomes the gateway to the universe over their tent. Who says you can't have a camping trip in a tent when you live in the city? Then,...
  • Tribal Alliance Gathering at "VerdEnergia"

    Tribal Alliance Gathering at "VerdEnergia"
    Tribal Alliance dance party w/Laser Starfield Projectors - by Aaron Cyrus Dorr The VerdEnergia Farm in Parasicol, Costa Rica now has the Spright Laser Starfield Projector donated by www.LasersandLights.com to contribute to this marvelous Permaculture Farm. The Spright Laser Starfield Projector only uses 3 watts as another example of low energy strategies that make this farm so successful and low impact. Lasers and Lights...
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