BlissLights Lasers details and specifications.


BlissLights Laser Projectors - Product Details and Specifications

This magical series of Starfield Projectors are famous for projecting a Starry Night Sky in venues across the nation. This powerful patented laser creation is popular with DJs, event producers, wedding planners and home owners for amazing effects. The Bliss 15 & Bliss 50 generate an enormous universe of stars over a windblown blue nebula cloudfield. Radiating laser beams at 160 degrees from the lens, beams can cover surfaces for hundreds of feet. The adjustable cloudfield projects at about 45 degrees from the lens and can cover a 12-foot round area, when projected from the floor onto an 8-foot ceiling. The farther the distance between lens and projection surface, the wider the cloudfield will be, with effects reaching 40-60 feet away before distinct cloud definition fades. Always most distinct in completely dark areas, ambient lighting will diminish laser lighting effects! BlissLights projectors are equipped with newly developed laser and LED lighting elements and Multiphase High Resolution Holographic Optical elements on synchronous motors. Carefully tested and FDA approved for safe viewing. See the available handheld laser wand starfield projector to have a sample of this magic in your pocket and add another element to your display; demonstrate these lighting effects anywhere! All BlissLights brand projectors are high quality, have a one year parts and labor warranty and can be repaired into the future at their Southern California offices.

 Comparison of BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors:

~The Bliss 50 Laser Starfield Projector Green & Blue is the most powerful model with a complex optic lens that generates thousands of bright laser starbeams in random patterns over a windblown blue nebula cloudfield. Bliss 50 VIDEO HERE

~ The Bliss 15 Green & Bliss 15 Blue are similar to Bliss 50 but with less complex optics and less laser starbeams.. Coverage area is similar to Bliss 50 but less saturated with beams. Bliss 15 VIDEO HERE

~Bliss 15 Blue Laser Starfield Projector uses a Blue Laser to create thousands of blue laser beams over a blue cloudfield. Blue lasers are less sharp and brilliant than green. Bliss 15 Blue VIDEO HERE

~ Laser Stars Laser Twilight Starfield Projector is the least powerful or complex one of the series. Pattern has a brighter central north star that all of the star beams move around. Projects at a 90 degree spread from the lens and covers about 12 foot circle of starbeams with a central blue cloudfield of about 8', when projected from a floor to an 8 foot ceiling. Uses a cooling fan so you can hear it in operation. 4 hour auto shut-off. This is not built by Blisslights but was originally licensed by them to use the patented design. It has a short warranty and no repairs are possible.

~BlissLights SKY is the newest indoor product from BlissLights and due to arrive in the fall of 2015. It features moving beams, moving cloud, quiet operation and one year warranty. Starfield and Cloudfield intensity are both adjustable.

~ Spright Indoor/Outdoor Laser Starfield Projectors in Green, Blue & Red use the same optics and laser power as the Bliss 15 but uses stationary beams. Metal case construction with stake, clip or black steel base option. Spright VIDEO HERE

~ Spright MOVE Indoor/Outdoor Starfield Projectors in Green & Blue uses optics and laser power identical to the BL15 with its slow moving beams. Metal case construction with stake, clip or black steel base option.

~Spright MOTION Indoor/Outdoor Laser Starfield Projector in Green, Blue & Red - It is the same as the MOVE but has 10 speeds from stationary to a fast pace using a remote control for adjustment. The red now has two lasers for more visibility. Lightweight plastic case, stake and optional clip or flat base. ~16 color LED Garden Accent Light for Indoor/Outdoor use - This versatile and powerful light has a remote control to set to any of its colors or fade thru the color sequence at different speeds or flashing.

~ Laser Wand - Laser Starfield Projector uses the same optics as a Bliss 15 with smaller power output; still shoots beams up to 200'. Spright on background beams Specifications for Bliss 15, 50 and many models

- Power consumption, less than 30 watts, 110 volt ac., projector uses less electricity than a small incandescent light bulb.

- Dimensions of projector 4.4 in. wide x 4.4 in. tall x 8 in. long, mounting bracket 5 in. x 6 in. base x 6 in. tall

- Laser Classification FLPPS Class IIIa

- Maximum Laser Power single beam, less than 5 mw

- Laser Wavelength 532 nm bright Green, 445nm Blue, 650nm Red

- Laser expected lifetime more than 7000 hours

- Laser optics single source holographic optical element

- Laser operation cooling time - The Bliss Light projectors are silent with internal self cooling operation and the ability to run 24 hours a day without the need for cool down time.

- LED Blue Nebula Cloudfield - 1 Watt

- LED Wavelength 455 nm Royal Blue

- LED expected lifetime More than 100,000 hours

- Operating temperature; Indoor models - must be less than 86°F and if less than 60°F, laser need to warm up to operate. Outdoor models - minus 15 degrees!!! to 90 degrees fahrenheit

-Projection coverage 160 degree spread from the lens; 2.5 ft. of coverage for every 1 ft. of throw for up to 100 yards

-Maintenance free

-UL Listed

-Warranty period is for one year from DATE OF PURCHASE and can be repaired at any point into the future at the BlissLights offices in Southern California

RENTALS - See the BlissLights rental section of our web site for details.

User Recommendations Manual

Save energy with BlissLights laser lighting.

Battery Power option- For those of you planning planning to run ac powered projectors away from an AC power connection, you will need an ac power generator or an inverter that delivers a pure Sine Wave, not a quasi sine wave or modified sine wave. See here for True Sine Wave Inverters that run off a cigarette lighter for remote locations. Model PST-15S-12A 150 Watt/surge to 300 Watt.

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