Add fog to your Spright Laser decorations for Halloween.


Halloween magic from adding a fog machine to the BlissLights' Green Spright Laser projector

Brooke Bingamin halloween spright w-fog 10-13

Adding a little fog turns the laser display into a three dimensional spray of rays of light! A BlissLights Spright customer of ours in Sacramento, California added fog to her front walkway for trick or treaters to walk thru spider webs and fog saturated with laser beams, for the added 3D lighting effects. Our customer tells us "It was so fun listening to the kids approach my door. One girl squealed "Daddy...This is my favorite house!"" She also assures us "I'll be using them again this Halloween!"

Brooke Bingamin halloween spright 10-13

 For those of you with Spright projectors who are exploring ways to maximize your special effects remember to use white surfaces as much as possible so that the laser beams show up as brightly as possible. The Halloween "spider" web material is great because it is so thin that laser beams penetrate and pass thru it illuminating through its depth and onto surfaces beyond it. Christmas snow, fur, fabrics, gauze, shade covers, tents and curtains can all be used this way too. For indoor displays like a Haunted House you can use a small amount of fog to created the perfect spooky environment with laser beams penetrating the fog. Here is a huge display we created that had hundreds of people played in the "forest" of laser beams into the night!

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