• "Hey Mommy, my room is a supernova observatory!" - Laser Starfield Projector as a nightlight

    When our friend's son received his new birthday present his first comment was "Hey Mommy, my room is a supernova observatory!"  This Laser Stars Twilight projector transforms and room into a window into space in a much more interesting galaxy. We have heard of some parents who keep their Laser Starfield Projector for their kids bedtime treat. Now they have their children who never wanted...
  • Blue Spright Outdoor laser Starfield Projector NEW LOW PRICE

    The Blue Spright Laser Starfield Projector for outdoors is available now for a new low price of only $199! The original high quality outdoor Spright laser can be pre-ordered lasersandlights.com. Blue Sprights have been priced at $399 or more since their release. If you want to add the dazzling effect to your landscape for Christmas, garden parties or "just because" to spruce up your...
  • Watch Burning Man live on the internet!

    Watch Burning Man live stream from Center Camp [caption id="attachment_2861" align="aligncenter" width="300"] burning man livestream[/caption] Although this year we will be watching the burn via livestream, Lasers and Lights' crew has gone many years in the past and participated in creating the "WoW" theme camp on big Esplanade presentations. Blisslights Laser Starfield Projectors were invented as an indirect outcome of creative teams' laser shows...
  • Get the most from your Outdoor Laser Projector

    Outdoor Laser Landscape Projectors make backyards and outdoor scenes turn to magic with a simple two step process, turn on and aim! If you have ANY ambient lighting in the same area, effects will be greatly diminished. However, if you are using your outdoor laser starfield projector in complete darkness, the displays will amaze you! Especially when shown onto trees and other greenery or...
  • BlissLights “Spright” Holiday Laser Starfield Projectors are in stock 12-11 and shipping out daily

    The popular BlissLights “Spright” Holiday Laser Starfield Projectors are in stock and shipping daily from lasersandlights.com. Shop confidently and get your very own laser projectors from the original BlissLights dealer. Shower your home and yard with thousands of laser beams, projecting at a 160 degrees radius, for up to hundreds of feet away! The Spright is  your simple, small, energy efficient, projector that can easily...
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