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Watch Burning Man live stream from Center Camp

[caption id="attachment_2861" align="aligncenter" width="300"]burning man livestream burning man livestream[/caption] Although this year we will be watching the burn via livestream, Lasers and Lights' crew has gone many years in the past and participated in creating the "WoW" theme camp on big Esplanade presentations. Blisslights Laser Starfield Projectors were invented as an indirect outcome of creative teams' laser shows displayed at Burning Man going back to 2001. The first BlissLights projector was patented and produced in 2006-2007. Now camps throughout the playa are using Bliss 15 laser starfield projectors and other lighting accessories from stanislau river Look for us also this coming weekend at the River of Bliss where firefly lasers will shower the landscape and trees along the Stanislaus river. BlissLights starfield projectors are the perfect compliment to your outdoor event or transformational festival.

festival lasers

Long before came to be, our founder, Bruce Beeley, helped build and sustain The Farm commune in the 1970's that brought vegetarianism, midwifery, psychedelics as sacrament, eco-awareness and much more to our nation. More recently he has been  participating in festivals and gatherings with a higher consciousness and community purpose as a way of life. Being able to contribute now with blissful laser lighting effects is a true joy, especially when in support of this growing counter culture. was born by our featuring the Laser Starfield Projectors at festivals in California including Harmony Festival, Techno Tribal Community Dance, Burning Man decompression and precompressions, Black Rock City Arts Foundation (BRAF)  fund raisers, etc... while building our web site and bringing the first projectors to the DJ convention in Las Vegas in 2007. Now our projectors are being used around the globe for their soothing and dazzling effects.

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