Laser Starfields shower the "River of Bliss" Labor Day weekend festival


Wren_LaFeet river haven

Lasers and will be  supplying Laser Starfield Projectors to enhance this lovely transformational festival on the river side.  August 30 – Sept 2 ~ River of Bliss   The forest will be filled with firefly like laser starbeams adding a magical effect to these serene grounds. spright The Spright landscape laser starfield projector projects thousands of laser beams in 160 degrees for up to 100 yards. BL15

The Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector showers the surroundings with thousands of moving laser beams and a blue windblown cloudfield.  The Bliss 15 is intended for indoor use but is commonly used outdoors during fair weather.

No outdoor summer event is complete without the magical firefly laser lighting effects of the Spright Laser Starfield Projectors from Lasers and Available for sale or rent, you'll find indoor and outdoor effect lighting to transform your space. For remote locations, battery powered lasers are ideal but Spright and LS20G outdoor landscape projectors take such little power (35 watts max) that you can easily run them with a sine wave invertor powered by battery.

DJPangea Dance with the River

Here is a photo from last year's river Labor Day river gathering with DJ Pangea.

Blue and green sprights cover waterfall and pool

The night time dance sessions will be filled with starfields of lasers in the forest this year as well.

river fest

The spectacularly groomed gardens and artwork from around the globe make the River Haven park a surreal setting. stanislau river

The serene Stanislaus river in August makes for a mellow river trip which is nothing like the wild spring flows.

2013 peace river bliss labor day See an array of photos of this venue and recent RiverGuidess celebrations here. 

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