Laser Starfields enhance the "River of Bliss" gathering at "River Haven" resort on the Stanislaus River

Lasers at the River of BlissLaser Starfield Projectors at night Over the Labor Day weekend our Laser Starfield Projectors enhanced the River of Bliss gathering at the beautiful River Haven resort on the Stanislaus River in Oakdale, CA. Here you see some of the green laser beams projecting towards the dance area. The Spright and Bliss 15 Laser projectors showered the forest with firefly like laser beams adding a magical element to the already fabulous garden setting. Mike Fisher, the creator of these fantastic gardens which he started 25 years ago, was already a fan of our lighting effects with a Spright and LS20G already in place from purchases in 2012. He added 3 more Spright landscape stake light type projectors and a Bliss 15 to his collection during our visit there. River of Bliss gathering 2013Looking for ways to enhance your next special event? Laser lighting turns outdoor venues into magic! Sprights are now available in Red and Blue. Be sure to check out the custom LS20G units with more power and beams than the original LS20G outdoor landscape projector. LS20 units, BL50 and BL15 starfield projectors are available for rent or sale. You can find our more about River Guidess trips by visiting their web site at  or by liking their facebook page at

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