BlissLights “Spright” Holiday Laser Starfield Projectors are in stock 12-11 and shipping out daily

The popular BlissLights “Spright” Holiday Laser Starfield Projectors are in stock and shipping daily from Shop confidently and get your very own laser projectors from the original BlissLights dealer. Shower your home and yard with thousands of laser beams, projecting at a 160 degrees radius, for up to hundreds of feet away! The Spright is  your simple, small, energy efficient, projector that can easily replace dozens of Christmas light strands. You can install a single projector in minutes to spread star-like beams all over your yard, creating powerful and impressive holiday lighting displays that normally take hours to achieve with traditional strings of light. Spright outdoor laser starfield projectors have a one year manufacturer's warranty and use only 2 to 10 watts to operate; with an internal heating component, these decorations can be used in temperatures as low as -15° F. See photos of spright laser effects on landscapes and holiday decorations Order your Spright Firefly Laser Projector HERE spright 2

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