Laser Fog Light Shows ARE NOW IN STOCK!

This amazing new light show is now in stock! The NEW Laser Fog Light Show is ready to order for Christmas gifts and holiday decorations!! See the Laser Fog Light Show video demonstration for the first time in the USA! [youtube] Video of new miniature self contained Laser Light Show in daylight. [youtube] Usually lasers are hardly visible during the day but in this case the bright green laser reflects from the ultra fine fog to make a brilliant light show that shows up even in bright light environments. See how the incredible details of fog/air movement become illuminated brilliantly in mesmerizing swirling patterns. The radiant light from this light show is so bright that is serves as soft green mood light for the room surrounding it. The lid to the light show tube can be lifted allowing fog to drift into the air above to allow swirling patterns to lift as far as 2 to 4 feet into the air above the projector. This table top light show shines a moving circular laser beam onto the ceiling above it so the light show always extends above the projector unless you chose to cover that portion. The controls allow for changes to the speed and laser control to change the patterns manually. The Laser fog show features demo mode which goes through many optional patterns for an hour then shuts off automatically. Projector for sale. PHOTO GALLERY

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