Laser Starfield Projectors add magic to Church dinner and Cub Scout ceremonies

church dinner party 4435 resixed When we set up the lights for our party we kept the main center lights on until most of the people had arrived, which mostly dimmed the starfield effect. A that point we dimmed all the main lighting so that the stars from the Bliss 15 and Spright were slowly illuminated. The effect of doing that to the small children made it almost magical in their eyes. The oohs and awes and comments of the children, such as ...the stars are coming out! Were priceless. As another side story for  your lights. I mostly use the BlissLights Spright light for scouting. As I do a Cub Scout Arrow of Light ceremony's, which is the highest award in cub scouting. The lighting effects I need for a star filed campfire night time sky inside a building cannot be created any other way. I will be incorporating the new Bliss 15 I just bought from you into the dream sequence of this program, since it will be replacing my smaller less powerful laser star projector. If I can remember I will pass along a photo of that event. Because with a few other props. It does make it look like you are right in the outdoors. Photo and story by Robert Alexander

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