Holographic lighting and fog.

kyer lasers 2

Light up your life with Laser Starfield Projectors sending thousands of colored beams of light throughout your yard, home or event hall! All of these projectors run from $100 to $250 @ and are made to plug and play for anyone to use! Then add a fog machine to bring them into Three Dimensional shafts of light! Special Thanks to Kyer Wiltshire Photography for capturing these moments! Contact Kyer for Wedding and Portrait photography in Northern California.


Here you see the lasers with only a hint of fog and their dazzling effects are still spectacular but look below and see how adding a little haze from a fog machine brings them into a 3D wonderland lighting the whole yard. StarFieldGalaxyEthanTurpin018_Resized

Never before could you create special effects like this with economical, safe, low energy consumption and low cost products made to enhance any party with do it yourself simplicity! Thanks to Kyer Wiltshire for another great photo capturing this magical moment. Like Kyer's facebook page to see his latest photos from the transformational festivals he has documented for years.


Imagine the photo opportunities as you set up this simple combination of indoor/outdoor laser starfield projectors with or without fog for transforming any space! haze in house resizedIndoors or Outdoors, the 3D effects are spectacular to see each laser beam become a rod of light projecting for long distances.

P1020355Even the simple low cost Red & Green Starry Starry Night Laser Projector can be used outdoors during warm dry weather or amazing fireworks like lighting displays.

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