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Safety Information for Laser Light Projectors

BlissLights Laser projectors and other laser products offered at are closely regulated for safety by US government agencies such as the FDA, IEC, and LIA. The products we offer fall into two classifications, Class II and Class III. Although regulatory agencies require warnings on all classes of laser products, there is no known damage from any of the BlissLights products or lasers of their kind that fall into those two classifications.

The laser output from BlissLights projectors falls at or below 5mW which is another point in safety, We never recommend staring directly into ANY type of laser regardless of the class, but these products would cause temporary spots as seen if you stare at a light bulb too long; no permanent damage from laser products with these specifications has ever been recorded.  "Representatives from the U.S. FDA and other laser safety experts from various countries have indicated that there are no known documented injuries from exposures to Class II levels of laser", according to the FDA and IEC.

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Think of it this way, if you use a laser pointer for a business presentation you are using a class II or class IIIa laser. Laser pointers are used around the world without injury, even if the laser is shown directly into a person's eye. As long as the Class II or IIIa laser is at or below 5 milliwatts, these products are not considered hazardous.

If you are somewhere that a person has a single beam laser that may be aimed into someone's eyes, it is good to be cautious since there are dangerously powerful single beam lasers available. In these cases, we suggest that you can avoid looking that direction unless you know that person is reliable for safety. Some people are worried about our outdoor units and their interference with airplanes.

When using our BlissLights in your backyard, the laser can only travel about 100 yards into the sky before it dissipates due to the divergence of the laser. The average flight altitude is 18,000 feet, which can be almost 90 times the distance that our lights will travel. As an extra precaution, we suggest that those who are located near an airport mount their projectors are aimed onto surfaces that catch their beams and pointed downward from an overhead location like a post, roof gutter or tree.

Here are the specific guidelines regarding lasers if you are near an airport. None of our lasers emit beams that are over 5mw and we have not had anyone have a conflict with their nearby airport as yet. As noted on a warning label on the lasers we suggest that everyone avoid short range eye contact which is harsh but harmless like looking a headlight or movie projector. We have used Laser Starfield Projectors at hundreds of events and have thousands of customers without any reported harm.

The Laser Starfield projectors we offer are unique in that they can be used to shine at short ranges in bedrooms, onto a crowd or dance floor for any length of time without hazards as opposed to commercial laser products often seen at big events.

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When thinking about our BlissLights and lasers for recreational use just remember that these products are of limited power to allow for maximum effects and safe use. These unique products actually started as a night light for the creator's daughter. We have years of experience using lasers for entertainment purposes and are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Simply email us at at any time for a prompt reply.

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