What a beautiful starry night sky – Laser Stars Starfield Projector


Who would not be soothed by this beautiful image moving across their walls and ceilings? One of our customers, Allison Wu, is a fantastic photographer and sent us this photo of the Laser Stars shining on her wall. Click here to find this and other similar projectors for indoors and outdoors!

A dear friend was in a bad bike/car accident and while he was hospital recovering from head injuries and everyone kept bringing him videos to watch but he found no interest in movies and preferred the soothing effects of gazing at the Laser Stars Starfield projector image on his hospital ceiling instead.

These projectors have been used during birthings, passings, weddings, children's rooms for night lights and so much more. The goal of the designer is certainly being accomplished. Our friend, Randy Johnson, wanted to bring soul soothing blissful experiences to all who watched this projector, which started as he made the first one of these as a night light for his daughter.

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