BlissLights 3D Volumetric Laser Scanner – Rental Services and Sales

0 comments now has the new BlissLights LLC Volumetric Laser Scanning System available for rental performances or sale. BlissLights LLC has now created the first laser scanning system to get approval to be used to immerse audience in laser beams, like their groundbreaking Bliss 50 Laser Starfield projector. Up until now all powerful laser shows were required to project high over the audience but thru diffractive lens and high speed scanning this unit is factory labeled as a Class IIIa laser so that no variance is required. This sophisticated software driven system combines with a super fine water haze to display the full length of the laser beams in sheets, waves and walls of pure light. Using 500mW of laser power this red, green, blue laser system allows the operator to create thousands of colors and patterns which surround the audience in a world of light. These sheets of laser light will travel hundreds of feet so that this unit can be used to fill a large hall or small room. The experience of being inside these sheets of light brings the audience to a state of Synesthesia that is mesmerizing like a roller coaster or thriller movie but gentle and sweet. This powerful and versatile system can also trace business logos and names on buildings like "gobo" systems do now. Watch the videos to get a hint of how amazing this effect is in any space. These three dimensional effects depend on putting a light haze in the air to capture the laser rays in their sheets and waves at any dark indoor building, dome or fairly well sealed tent. We use the Ultratec brand Radiance hazer for a super clear water haze that fills any size hall with a fine mist so that the lasers become fully visible in three dimensions. In larger halls an additional fan is recommended to help spread a thorough haze thru the air. This hazer uses only 1.5 cups of water fluid with a tiny amount of glycerin so it is not offensive to the audience and has only a very slight sweet smell to it, if any at all. This haze is made of water droplets of about 1 micron 1/16th of the size of a human hair which are nearly completely clear. When using hazers or foggers you must be prepared to turn off smoke alarms that may sense mist and set off alarms. This hazer is included in our rental performance services. Click here to see this unit. Liven up your next event with this amazing new light show for the ultimate experience for your audiences. Find this product on our site at this page

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