Nevada City Businesses using BlissLights Sprights and Laser Stars Laser Starfield Projectors displays from 2009 to present

Here are photos of 3 local businesses using BlissLights indoors and outdoors to add their magical lighting effects to their charming environments. Nov. 2015 update- Citronee Restaurant has moved to Santa Barbara where Chef Robért Perez and his wife Marianna have taken their laser projector to augment their gourmet restaurant there. While in Nevada City they blended their artistic talents to present a dining experience resplendent with exquisite cuisine and enchanting décor including our Laser Stars Starfield Projector in their dining room. 320 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA Sushi Q Restaurant – Here are photos of this local restaurant using the Laser Stars Starfield Projector for its soothing ambiance in their dining room. 238 Commercial Street, Nevada City, CA The “Outside Inn” motel of Nevada City uses the BlissLights Spright Laser Starfield Projectors to fill the forest with “Fireflies” next to their offices on East Broad Street and over their pool area to add a magical touch to their beautiful nature environment. Photographing this effect is difficult due to the low lighting so you need to see it in person to witness the real effects.

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