Star light Star Brite..

Ok,you definitely know what you are doing!.. We adore this, this..incredible laser star show.. Just because it didn't work due to the lighting situation in the building at the fundraiser event, didn't mean that it won't in the future for other venues. S.... and I stayed up way after the fundraiser, with it projecting on our ceiling. Our house is wide open and just perfect to show off the laser's merits. We then took it into our sleeping abode, and watched it, until our eyes could stay open no longer. Bliss lights are a perfect name! I really don't want to bring it back. We loved the drive to your place..your shop..the new friends.. We considered holding it in a hostage situation, running for the state of Nevada, "losing it between the grapevine rows..but alas, we do want your friendship! We try to spend wisely,and reserve some for lavishness on occasion, and we'll be incredible promoters for your business,with the Greenhouse Music school/upcoming concerts on the horizon.. Thank you for being so spontaneous to help us yesterday. I believe it is going to be a connection for a long time. We really enjoyed every minute we spent with you,and your staff..the incredible light show in our home..the terrific smiles it brought to us. Sincerely, L & S of Penn Valley, California

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