The birth and history of Lasers and

In summary, I have been owner/operator of Wood Heat Stoves & Solar sales and contracting services in Nevada City for nearly 30 years (my name is Bruce Beeley). In the summer of 2006 my partner, Kamila Kennedy and I saw a prototype of our friend, Randy Johnson’s, newly designed first Laser Starfield Projector and fell in love. Paste this address in your web browser to visit our galleries of photos and videos. We asked if he would make at least a few more for us and our friends, in spite of the $3,000 price for production at that time. Within a few months this Randy had his patent filed and had sold the license to produce a plastic household version called “Laser Stars” to a California company who imported their first batch from China in December 2006. As of the spring of 2010 over 300,000 of these “Laser Stars” have been sold around the globe, We started our company, Lasers and in early 2007 and were one of the first dealers for Randy’s new company, BlissLights LLC. We brought the 2 BlissLights models in production at that time to the national Mobile Beat DJ convention in Las Vegas spring 2007 and received an overwhelming response handing out over 400 business cards and flyers at the opening show, before the expo even started. We used the Bliss 50 projectors for lighting the back stage of their opening night's performances by Chubby Checkers and their famous DJs. The DJs attending the convention clustered around our projectors back stage trying to figure out where this Starfield special lighting effect was coming from and we knew this would be a hit in this industry. We were busy answering questions all evening and throughout the convention, even though we only had a couple of projectors to offer, and our company has been growing ever since then. Now BlissLights company is producing a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projectors and Lasers and is the primary supplier thru our web site or local shop where we have been selling and servicing wood, gas & pellet stoves since 1981, on North Bloomfield Rd. and the many connections we have with the Burning Man organization and similar festivals across the west coast. We supply hundreds of lighting effects for rental and sale from many different manufacturer's for homes, parties and events. Now residents of Nevada City will find our lighting effects at local businesses including the Outside Inn, Sushi Q and Citronee restaurants. At the Outside Inn a prominent display is located where a single landscape projector showers the forest with moving laser beams making it look as if fireflies are flying thru the trees and shrubs just to the left of their offices on East Broad Street. At Sushi Q & Citronee restaurants the low cost household Laser Stars Starfield Projector makes the ceilings appear to be a moving starry night sky. We have also displayed our more powerful Starfield projectors at events in the Miner’s Foundry, Amigos, the Grass Valley Veterans Hall, Center for the Arts, many other locations and private parties. In the weeks ahead we will begin producing 3D laser light shows immersing audiences in sheets and waves of pure light with our new Volumetric Laser Scanner system, which is the first laser scanning system to ever be classified as safe for shooting the laser beams into audiences for the ultimate light show experience. By combining red, green and blue high powered lasers thru a very sophisticated scanner driven by software capable of producing thousands of colors and patterns, the operator composes lighting effects to blend with musical performances by DJs and live bands.

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