Spright Laser Landscape lighting manual published

The "SPRIGHT" LASER LANDSCAPE LIGHTING PROJECTOR IS BECOME HUGELY POPULAR ACROSS THE NATION!Here is our new Landscape Laser Starfield Projector's Operation Manual The darker the better! The brilliance of the laser beams is most powerful when there is no other competing lighting. The green laser beams are brighter than the red or blue laser beams. If you are lighting tables, walkways, stages, etc.. Make sure the lighting is directional and add shading to prevent it from spreading further than needed. Project on to White surfaces where possible! The brighter the white to more the colors shine. Most people think you have actually painted something on the walls and ceiling to get such a brilliant effect. Adding screen surfaces and Fog Add white surfaces with fabrics, semi transparent plastics (iridescent materials), glass, mirrors and fog, smoke or haze. With fog the whole length of each beam becomes illuminated with a marvelous effect. Location Landscape Lighting When illuminating trees and shrubs use weatherproof model or during warm dry weather and a low mounting location that aims at the maximum amount of leaves from the viewers angle. Safety of Laser Beams -The BlissLight laser projectors have been rigorously tested to prove that no single beam coming out of the projector could be harmful to the eyes. Avoid eye contact with the laser beams at any closer distances than a few inches away. Power Requirements BlissLights Landscape projectors must be powered by a transformer to 12 volt ac like most other “Malibu” type landscape lighting. These projectors draw a very small amount of electricity for the powerful beams that they emit. The LS20-G Landscape Laser draws less than 35 watts and the Spright draws less than 10 watts. Mounting & Weather Protection The BlissLights Landscape versions are made to operate in temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit and are completely waterproof. We are always excited to see the results of these installations and welcome you to send us photos and video clips showing the lights in action and your own creative presentations. Please share with us your results and contact us any time you have questions. Thanks for spreading this blissfull experience. Bruce Beeley & Lasers and Lights.com staff Lasers and Lights.com, 12426 N. Bloomfield Rd., Nevada City, CA 95959 Bruce@LasersandLights.com www.LasersandLights.com Phone 530-265-8547 (Wood Heat is parent company) Fax 530-265-8656

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