Get your "Avatar" look on with blue skin photographs

Here are our latest photographs of models in laser starfields projections. These were taken at the after party of the Burning Opera performance in Los Angeles. This wonderful musical play brings viewers to the Burning Man experience and explores the experience of going to the playa for a newcomer and what they are likely to encounter. The afterparty to the Opera was like a party on the playa so most of the audience had their costumes on and were perfectly prepared to pose in the Blue LED Cloudfield and/or Green Laser Starbeams for this otherwordly appearance. We are welcoming professional photographers to bring our projectors into their studios and add white organza and netting as well as fog for more and more exciting photographic explorations. < See how fair skin and white fabrics glow with magical light and reveal the form but not the details of skin. Models love how this softens their look and makes them appear to be galaxies of light floating in space. Imagine how your frieds will look at your next party when they are bathed in these special effects with our most popular Bliss 15 projector now priced at $399, down from $665 last year! <

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