is the first BlissLights Dealer - The History of Laser Starfield Projectors

The BLISSLIGHTS Laser Starfield Projectors' HISTORY In the Spring of 2007, the owner & founder of, Bruce Beeley, brought the Bliss 50 Laser Starfield Projector to the Mobile Beat DJ convention in Las Vegas, Nevada for the first formal presentation of these newly invented projectors to the entertainment industry and the public. At that time only the Bliss 50 was the only projector being produced by BlissLights and the Laser Stars plastic version was built by CYI under contract. The Bliss 50 cost $3200 at that time but DJs were so excited about it that many teamed up to buy one as a group if they couldn't afford it. The night before the Expo opened to show off the products being offered there was a performance by Chubbie Checkers who is famous for introducing the Twist dance craze long ago. Bruce offered to use the Bliss 50 to project the starfield lighting effects on the walls behind the stage on both sides and the producer thought that was a fine idea. As Bruce watched the show begin he and his companion noticed the laser beams giggling and knew something was wrong so they went back stage to check it out. They found that the DJs were so intrigued by the special effects they saw on the back wall  that they had gone back stage and were handling the Bliss 50s to try to figure out what was producing this lighting effect that they had never seen before. Bruce and his companion grabbed their promotional literature and business cards from the expo across the hall and handed out over 400 pieces, which was every piece of advertisement they had. They had to contact an overnight printer to get more literature for the expo opening the next day. The expensive Bliss 50 was slow to sell but gradually the price started dropping as more units sold. About a year later the Bliss 15 was invented, with it's simpler optics and lower power laser for $995. Over the years since then the increase in volume of sales has brought the Bliss 50 down to an MSRP of $1445 and a sale price of $1300, and the Bliss 15 for an MSRP of $499 and a sale price of $349. The first 473 nm BlissLight Blue Laser Starfield Projector was used for Disneyland in Walt Disney's private apartment in the castle at the entrance and any additional custom units cost around $6,000. Eventually the current 445nm BlissLight Blue Laser Starfield Projector with it's blue/violet colored beams was added and the price has dropped to MSRP $875 and a sale price of $699. The outdoor projector series including the Spright with stationary beams and LS20G-SZ with moving beams were created and their popularity has become enormous for landscape displays. In 2011 the factory could not produce enough for the demand with back orders of many weeks as Christmas yard displays added these Laser projectors across the nation. Now the BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors are becoming famous around the world from being displayed at venues from Burning Man to posh restaurants and nightclubs around the globe and many dealers offer them for more than twice the MSRP pricing but it all started with Bruce Beeley founding Lasers and and offering them for sale at the Mobile Beat DJ convention in 2007. Since that humble start Bruce and his team have produced hundreds of lighting effects at Burning Man, Decompression, Pre Compression, Sea of DreamsAnon Salon, Harmony Festival, Techno Tribal Community Dance and a steady stream in Nevada City where is based. You will also find over 160 YOU TUBE videos on Lasers and Lights' channel there with over 250,000 viewings, a Lasers and BLOG, a Lasers and facebook page and a Firefly Lasers facebook page, a Lasers and TWITTER account, a Lasers and PINTEREST page and more new channels of social media sharing all the time.

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