See the dazzling Laser Starfields in Tanglewood Forest each evening in Nevada City, CA

4-13 tanglewood (5) The Tanglewood Forest store in Nevada City has a brilliant Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector adding sparkling laser beams to their magical display of faerie dolls and decorations. If you are walking through Nevada City after dark take a peek in their window and watch how the lighting effects are slowly moving bringing their displays to life. They often have the Laser projector on during the day and laser beams can be seen drifting among the customers but at night it is most spectacular. If you want a projector of your own just go to our web site at or email us at and we can help you with rentals or purchases. You can also drive up Broad St. to the East Broad St. fork to the right and you will find the Outside Inn within a few blocks on the left where they have the outdoor LS20G-SZ Laser Starfield Projector shining laser beams into the forest making a firefly like appearance that showers the forest. 4-13 tanglewood (7) 4-13 tanglewood (9) 4-13 tanglewood (4) 4-13 tanglewood (14)

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