BlissLights Bliss 15 and Cloudfield Projectors with Cherry Blossoms make for beautiful art

26373_335655422957_6408887_n With blooming Cherry blossoms in the yard I brought them in to a vase for indoor appreciation but never guessed the beauty that would emerge as I combined the flowers with my Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector & Red Cloudfield Projector. The Blue cloudfield  in the Bliss 15 blending with the red cloudfield weaves so many beautiful shades of purples onto and behind the blossoms. Follow us on Facebook too, for more photos, videos, product introductions and reviews.  26373_335612717957_4046155_n 26373_335612762957_1541090_n 26373_335612622957_650886_n 26373_335655592957_2747192_n 26373_335655697957_7994095_n

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