Lasers and teams up with The Bloom Series & Tribal Convergence Network


Lasers and is sponsoring The Bloom Series to support this brilliant documentary in spreading the realization of  Transformational Festivals as a healing emerging culture. Bruce Beeley, founder and general manager of Lasers and and Akira Chan, Bloom Series co-founder, had the opportunity to meet recently while attending  AWAKEN - Tribal Convergence Network (aka TCN) in the redwood forests of Mendocino, California.  Bruce & Akira are allied with  this network to empower and promote this emerging new culture.  TCN helps foster the building of collaborative guilds, bringing together grassroots leaders, artists and innovators to share their their inspiration, insights and common goals in in creating this network of information and collaboration for  intentional communities and gatherings. blog 06.04.2013

Bruce has worked at building intentional community since the 1970's including six years of living on The Farm on over 1700 acres with 1500 people, introducing vegetarianism, midwifery and more alternative lifestyle choices at a time when these things were quite alien in the Unites States. Tribal Convergence Network founder Jamaica Jai Ma Stevens, was instrumental in bringing Jeet-Kei Leung and Akira together which led to their creation of The Bloom Series Now each of these allies and hundreds of other participants are working in unison to bring about cultural change for more harmonious and sustainable communities.

Coming together with a common thread of spiritual intention and community consciousness gives the Tribal Convergence Network gatherings an environment that inspires and soothes participants as they realize this temporary village that feels like the community they wish they lived in!  The first public showing of Episode 2 was at the Awaken gathering and it is available now for free viewing online! presents Practicing The New World Episode Two of The Bloom Series

Like the Tribal Convergence Network, Lasers and has roots in transformational cultures as BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors were actually invented as an off-shoot of collaborations within Bruce's Burning Man theme camp that offered big laser shows. These photos show how our lighting effects transformed spaces after dark at the AWAKEN gathering. See how a little magic was created for this special gathering below. at AwakenHere the Tea House Lounge was showered with Laser Starfields for all who were there to appreciate. 1234 12345A Spright Laser Starfield Projector  was positioned at the entrance to the Tea House Lounge area, showering surfaces with firefly like laser beams, bringing this candelabra to life, sparkling with beauty. Laser lighting will transform white fabrics and surfaces into sparkling jewels. 1234567You have to see to believe how the dance floor transforms as laser beams and a blue cloudfield from one Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector make fascinating artwork out of dancers' clothes and bodies!

Bloom Series Founders

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