BlissLights Starfield Projectors Transform a Party

More BlissLights Starfield Projectors in effect! Check out the photos of this recent party that featured lighting effects such as the Bliss 15 Starfield Projector, Bliss 50, Cloudfields and more! What event will you enhance with our lighting effects this summer?  bubble prep_250x375 bubbles in led_250x375 Bubble blowing into laser projections is a great way to accentuate laser and LED lighting effects. catching laser beams_500x333 Party goers find three dimensional laser light rays by using a hazer-type fog machine; creating endless amusement while trying to hold beams in place. catching laser rays_500x333 charles lasers_500x333 Taking a delayed photograph exposure and having subject duck away during the delay produced this result. beams bouncing_500x333 avatar look_500x333 Party portraits in BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors give participants an avatar like appearance. 3d laser ray light_500x333 3d lasers_500x333

You can see three dimensional laser rays in the haze. group laser shot_500x333

Groups photos at your parties will never be the same with your new lighting effects. embracing light_500x333


The DJ sure appreciates added lighting effects to spice up his show!charles party_500x333

charles n melissa 40th birthday_500x333

With a flash to light up the foreground and lasers in the haze behind, this amazing photo was achieved and would be easy to duplicate at your party.heart beams_500x333

i see the light_500x333

Catching laser rays between their fingers!laser art_500x333

laser dance_500x333

Dancers dive into their own experience in an outer space like dance floor environment. laser heard_422x375

laser spray_500x333

Even bystanders get into the act when laser rays cover the area. laser rays_500x333

laser play party_500x333

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