Never ending TESTIMONIALS from Spright firefly landscape laser customers!!

Here are a few of the never ending CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS.............. For Green Spright Firefly like Laser Starfield Projectors for indoor and outdoor displays testimonial hd 10-13 spright
Melissa in Kansas in August, 2013 says - "This was the best purchase ever! I actually purchased it to use at Christmas for outdoor lighting, but I used it indoors for a couple of evening events and all of my guests were in awe! I will be purchasing 2 more and I am so excited to throw away all of my string lights! I really would like to get these in white, but they only offered red, green and blue. I have the green.
Pros: Functional, Well Made, Unique, High Quality of Material, Fast / Speed, Looks Great, Stylish"
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Scruzer in Felton, Ca in May 2013 says -
I live out in the forest -- surrounded by some big redwoods, pines, and oaks... Usually it's just plain DARK out here.
I put this little guy in planter out here on the deck, and it projects a nice "starfield" onto the trees out there. They all look like they have little lights in them.
I couldn't recommend this more! Get it.
One thing to realize with this -- it is a laser -- and you should be careful to aim this thing responsibly... Seriously! But it sure is awesome too!
Pros: Looks Great, Very Bright, Nice Design
Shopper in Michigan in August, 2013 says -
We live in a wooded area and it is very dark in the back yard. The effect of the Bliss lights in the trees is spectacular. Everyone that sees the lights is amazed, it is so beautiful. The view from our deck with all the "firefly" lights is serene, especially when there is a slight breeze, then they twinkle. The lights are visible as far up as the tallest object they can reflect on, then they blend in with the stars. The grandkids just love them. Set up is a snap, just push the stake into the ground and plug in. I bought 3 of these and am waiting for them to go on sale again so I can get more!
Pros: Easy to Assemble, Unique, High Quality of Material, Looks Great Dannygc from Florida in August, 2013 says -
I love this light, the effect is amazing. Outstanding glow of thousands of tiny firefly's in the trees. You must have a backdrop for this light. Bushes, trees or something. love it
Pros: Easy to Assemble, Unique, Looks Great
Catrine in July, 2013 says -
The laser light is a just so cool. It has made my yard at night something magical. I can't think of anything else that I could have done for $200 that would have a bigger or better impact than this simple to install light. EVERYONE who sees it is impressed and delighted by it! It brings smiles and oohs!!
Pros: Easy to Assemble, Unique, Looks Great, Very Bright
Lakeman in Texas in October 2013 says - Plan on using for Christmas. Very impressed with this product. Probably will buy more.
Pros: Easy to Assemble, Functional, Unique, Very Bright
Bessie in Florida in May 2013 says - This was a spur of the moment purchase and I am so glad that I bought it. I walk outside every single night and am amazed at how beautiful it is. I have this light in my backyard shining upwards on some VERY tall trees along the road beside my house. The tiny green laser lights reach to the very top of those trees and eventually just blend in with the stars in the sky. If there is even the slightest breeze, then the lights appear to be twinkling. Absolutely gorgeous. No real installation involved as I just put it into the ground and plug it in. Of course I can also move it as I wish to transform any part of my yard into an oasis. LOVE this product! Thank you.
Goms from Florida in December 2012 says - When the lights are on it looks magical. I purchased this for my daughter's home. Her neighbors keep asking her where she got them. It's so easy to install. Just put the stake in the ground, aim the light and plug in.
Pros: Looks Great, Very Bright

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