BlissLights Bliss 50 Laser Starfield Projector

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This powerful laser starfield BlissLights Bliss 50 projector sends thousands of slowly moving beams 160 degrees from the lens in all directions up to hundreds of feet with a Blue LED Nebula Windblown Cloudfield in the central area. This creates a Starry Night sky effect on any flat white surface which makes the surface visually disappear into deep space. The Bliss 15 has the same effects but has half the number of laser beams and complexity of their patterns but is the most popular for DJs, Event producers, and homeowners since it is 1/3 of the cost. This same effect is available in many versions from the household model for under $200 to custom units in other colors and powerful enough to fill up a stadium.

Landscape and handheld versions are available also at 

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  • Posted on by Marie Nguyen

    How much do you rent this out for?

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