Decorating with Outdoor Christmas Light Projectors


Light projectors are a quick and affordable way to decorate your house for the holidays. In just a few minutes, you can get your house in the holiday spirit with a spectacular Christmas light show! No more spending hours climbing ladders and untangling string lights to decorate your house for Christmas. Just plug in the light projector, stake it into the ground, point, and turn on. It’s really that simple to create magnificent lighting displays for the holiday season.

The higher quality Christmas light projectors can cover an area of 2,500 square feet, which is enough to cover the average size house in the United States. For larger houses or homes with large trees and landscapes, it’s a great idea to use multiple projectors pointed from different angles to get full area coverage. Also, mixing a few different colored light projectors or motion effects can create the ultimate Christmas light show! For Christmas decorating, a great idea is to mix red and green laser lights or to use a colored LED spotlight to highlight focus points, such as the entrance door or large trees.

There are many types of Christmas light projectors that create different light show displays. The most popular light projectors for Christmas decorating are laser Christmas light projector which creates thousands of colorful pinpoints of light beams. Laser light projectors come in different forms, ranging from the color to motion. The most popular colors are green, red, blue, purple, and white laser light projectors. The laser projector motions start with the basic stationary, which are still and do not move and are great for landscape lighting, or you can choose a moving laser light effect, such as the firefly, starfield, or moving pattern light show effect.

Christmas hologram projectors and LED light projectors are also customer favorites for decorating during the holiday season! With a hologram light projector, you can project moving animations on your house or indoors for a holiday party. Some popular holograms for Christmas are moving snowflake projectors, Christmas trees, and flying Santa. LED light projectors create a spotlight to add accent lighting and are great to mix with laser Christmas light projectors. Many homeowners mix and match a few light projectors to add multiple effects or colors to their outdoor Christmas lighting display.

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