Introducing the World’s Only White Laser Light Projector


The wait is finally over! If you have ever wanted to decorate your house with elegant white lights without having to climb ladders to hang string lights, look no further than the Night Stars Moving White Laser Light Projector.

Ever since the launch of the first residential laser light projector in the early 2000’s, homeowners have been asking for a white laser light. Due to the high cost of engineering white laser beams, white laser lights have been too expensive to market commercially and were only possible for concert venues and theme parks.

That has all changed with the release of the Night Stars Moving White Laser Light Projector. Customers can finally get their hands on a white laser light at an affordable price!

We are giving you a first look at the Night Star White Laser Light - the “game changing” way to decorate with elegant white lights for the holidays and events!

The World’s First Decorative White Laser Light

White Laser Light projector by Night Stars


For years, lighting engineers and manufacturers have been trying to figure out how to create a white laser light. After years in the making and countless numbers of (failed) attempts, the Night Stars Landscape Lighting company has finally made it a reality with their “patented technology” bright white laser light projector for indoor and outdoor use.


Night Stars didn’t just stop with the white laser light innovation. This projector is packed with great features to make it the ultimate white Christmas light projector!

Outdoor White Laser Christmas Projector White Star Shower


This projector has a moving white laser light show display. The spinning pattern creates a white star shower or snowfall effect. There are four-speed setting options for the white moving laser pattern - fast, medium, slow, and stationary (still).


This projector can cover up to 3,000 square feet of area. The closer that you place the projector to an object, the more condensed the white laser dots will display and less area will be covered. You can control this by deciding where to place the projector. Whether that is outside pointed at your house or indoors pointed at the ceiling,

Construction & Design

As part of the Night Stars Premium Series collection, the White Laser Light projector is a quality product that is built for years of enjoyment. This projector is water resistant and weatherproof. The projector has an internal cooling and heating system that controls the temperature of the unit, allowing you to use the projector in sub-zero temperatures!

Indoor White Laser light Projector Night Stars


The projector is perfect for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting! Included in the box comes an aluminum stake for securing into the ground of outdoor surfaces. A compatible Night Stars tripod is available (sold separately) for placing indoors or on hard flat surfaces!


Get your Night Stars Moving White Laser Light Projector while supplies last! 


Night Stars offers a great collection of quality light projectors. Check out their full collection of premium landscape laser light products here.

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