Low voltage waterproof wiring for 12volt AC landscape lights

Add MULTIPLE PROJECTORS to a single 120 watt light sensing transformer and ELIMINATE 120 volt AC EXTENSION CORDS running across your lawns and gardens. From left to right we show a 16 color Garden Accent LED Light with remote control, Blue 4.0 Sparkle Magic Illuminator, light sensing transformer/timer, BlissLights Spright Green MOTION, Custom X Red-Green pattern laser with remote control and Red-Green moving big beam laser.
full array
Or upgrade your BlissLights Spright laser display now with 6.4 foot, 16.4 foot and 32.8 foot waterproof, lightweight, low voltage cables and adaptors!  All the necessary components are now listed on our website.
This light sensing large capacity transformer can power many lasers and LED projectors from a single source using the low voltage wiring system outlined here.
notched low voltage connector
Some transformers & projectors come with a notched connector that seems to be for those using 12 volt DC power transformers. Here is a photo of this connector and transformer that comes standard with all Sparkle Magic units, their wire and most of our custom projectors. The transformer has these notches in it like the photo so you cannot fit a wire or connector to the projector in these transformers if they don’t have that notched pattern used by the Sparkle Magic wire. We are researching other sources for this wire. It is possible to add a female adaptor to a transformer to convert to the other connectors without a notched pattern. At this time I am only aware of these projectors that work only with the 12 volt DC power source 3.0 Sparkle Magic projectors and Indoor/Outdoor compact Green laser. Most projectors, including BlissLights and standard Malibu type landscape lighting us 12 volt AC power and transformers. Here is an example of how a yard can be mapped out for multiple light displays.
landscape_laser_layout_options map

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