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2laser VISIT THE LATEST VERSION OF THIS OUTDOOR GALLERY BY CLICKING HERE Decorate your home for the Holidays quickly and safely with BlissLights Spright Laser Starfield Projectors.

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VISIT THE LATEST VERSION OF THIS OUTDOOR GALLERY BY CLICKING HERE Spright firefly landscape projectors are a hit across the USA for holiday and Christmas lighting displays. As the original BlissLights dealer, has sold thousands of Spright landscape projectors to customers from around the world since they were invented. Homeowners, amusement parks, city centers,  public parks, resorts, DJ's, event planners and more have enjoyed effects from the Spright laser starfield projectors to create a unique and unforgettable enhancement to any setting.  Laser beams shown in the photo above are from a single Spright Laser Starfield  that was mounted atop the Candy Cane pole shown in foreground. More spectacular effects can be achieved by using the NEW Spright MOVE that features thousands of gently moving star-like lasers, traveling in many directions, creating a "firefly" appearance. VIDEO

[caption id="attachment_2637" align="aligncenter" width="497"]BlissLights Spright Holiday Display BlissLights Spright Holiday Display[/caption]

Shown here are exciting examples of BlissLights Landscape Laser Starfield Projectors in a variety of settings. Photos can show only so much, but do give you ideas and show how to get the best effects when using laser projectors in your own yard, at special events, wherever you choose! The effect of moving beams on leaves and branches gives the magical appearance of fireflies or lightning bugs flying through the landscape. Laser beams can permeate landscapes for up to 100 yards, projecting at a 160 degree radius from the lens!

Before photo above shows the landscape before complete darkness.

This after photo shows a hint of the magnificent display offered in total darkness by laser landscape projectors. Remember that a photo can only capture so much and this is far more spectacular in person!

kyer lasers 5 Add fog for 3D laser beams for brilliant shafts of light in your display.

[caption id="attachment_2655" align="aligncenter" width="497"]Blue and green sprights cover waterfall and pool Blue and green sprights cover waterfall and pool[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2650" align="aligncenter" width="497"]Spright outdoor starfield laser projectors on backyard pool scene Spright outdoor starfield laser projectors on backyard pool scene[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2640" align="aligncenter" width="497"] More sprights on display[/caption]

blue green 2 blue and green sprights Green and Blue Sprights june 2012 blue spright green 5 blue green 3 Green or blue laser beams fill landscapes and surrounding areas wherever a Spright or  Spright MOVE  outdoor laser is installed. spright laser beams all over

In photo above, see how a Green Spright and Blue Spright are combined to create an exceptionally dazzling display, shown beautifully against the elegant white building. Remember, lightly colored surfaces display projections best!

2 baldi (12)

Laser beams reveal themselves as three dimensional rods of  light when passing through steam as shown in these photos of Baldi Hot Springs in Costa Rica. Similar outdoor effects will appear when lasers are projected into fog or smoke. The "bands of light" or "laserbeam" effect can also be created with a fog machine or hazer and is commonly seen in nightclubs and onstage performances.


More 3D laser beams are revealed as they pass through steam in the sauna cave at Baldi Hot Springs.

3.5 baldi (16)Laser beams from a handheld projector add sparkling effects to steps and shrubs lining this walkway. Handheld lasers create a starfield projection that can be confined to smaller areas as needed.

baldi (9)

Laser beams become distorted by the water's surface as shown in this photo, but only in person are the beautiful dancing variations of beams revealed as water ripples on the surface. Combined with steam you see 3D bands of light dancing off of the surface with each little wave. lily ann maui kyer wiltshireLight up your guests or performers as you light up your yard!

BlissLight Blue indoor projector shown in use outdoors during warm and dry weather for spectacular displays, combined with a Green Spright at the tree base. Also available for year-round outdoor laser displays, is the BlissLights Blue Spright projector A BlissLight Blue is used on the porch, safely warm and dry, while one Green Spright is under a tree in the distance. Spright laser starfield projectors stake into the ground and are designed for outdoor use. Built with an internal heating component, Spright laser lights can be used in temperatures as low as -15°F and use only 5-10 watts of power on a 12V circuit.

See how a Blue Spright covers this large building with laser beams.  Blue Lasers are not as bright or visible as green, projecting onto white surfaces will create the best effect. A Blue Spright can be disappointing on green shrubbery when compared to a Green Spright as green lasers appear more sharply to the naked eye. All of our Indoor Laser Projectors including the Bliss 15, Bliss 50, Starry Starry Nights and Blisslight Blue are commonly used at warm and dry summer parties, weddings, barbecues, dances and gatherings of all sorts; then brought indoors for year-round pleasure. Indoor versions of laser projectors can be harmed by moisture and will stop emitting light temporarily if temperatures drop below 60°F.

By strategically placing at a safe distance, and directing a Bliss 15 or Bliss 50 onto the surface of a swimming pool, you can "dive into space". Yet another outdoor setting, where Bliss 50 projectors are being used safely in warm dry conditions for a spectacular display. Here is a fantastic display in Pixie Hollow™ at Disneyland, where numerous Spright MOVE are mounted to add dazzling faerie dust to the Faerie Village™ attraction. A hollow stump in the foreground is bright with beams from the projector hidden there. This outdoor display is augmented by Green and Blue Sprights which were mounted from afar as proven by the small number of beams showing in this photo. Projecting at a 40-60 foot distance is the recommended minimum. As distance from laser lens to projection surface greatens, beams spread further and further apart. Here you see the effects of a Green Spright on leaves of grass that become "other worldly" with this magnificent lighting effect. Moving beams projected onto leaves and branches from landscape lasers give a magical appearance of fireflies or lightning bugs flittering through the landscape. See how Green and Blue lasers add sparkling effects to white tent fabrics and hanging lamps with low lights of their own.

Holiday lighting is the most popular use for  Spright and Spright MOVE outdoor landscape lasers .  Thousands of homes have covered their walls and landscapes in beams from simply plugging in a single projector. Say goodbye to ladders and string after string of bulbs! After decorating for the holiday season, most use their outdoor lasers   in the backyard, patio setting, or even indoors! Even a single palm tree can be transformed by a Spright projector staked at the base. Another example shown here of laser beams' full-length becoming visible when combined with fog or haze.  Be sure to experiment with this added magical effect even with a stick of incense or puff from a cigar. Try looking towards the projector through smoke and you'll feel like you're traveling through space in a Star Wars™ movie! Watch laser beams cover your home and landscape nightly as the sun goes down and your home becomes a magical fairy tale.

canopy with bliss 15 Here is an example of a Bliss 15 or Bliss 50 indoor projector used outdoors during fair weather to get the added Blue Cloudfield effect for a starry night sky appearance that BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors are famous for. As long as the projector's temperature  stays above 60°F and remains dry, operating outdoors to create the effects shown is safe. Common "pop up" white tents, domes and other shade structures make perfect surfaces to exhibit laser projections. Brides often request this Starry Night lighting effect for ceremonies or receptions!

Here Spright packaging is shown, now a transformer is included with every unit. You may want to consider a light sensing transformer or controller to program your landscape laser for operating at dusk, for any number of hours, as made possible by the many adjustment options. The Green Spright has become one of the most popular landscape lighting effects, displaying thousands of laser beams, travelling for hundreds of feet, at a 160° radius. Spright outdoor landscape starfield projectors are operable in temperatures as low as -15°F.

The LS20G shown here has been replaced by the Spright MOVE which also features moving beams to create magical settings for homes, theme parks, special occasions, resorts and more.  All of these units are available from -the original BlissLights dealer.

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