Posted on September 19 2018

View spectacular examples below of BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors below. Use the gallery for ideas on displaying projectors for your home, business, special venue or upcoming events!  See our YouTube channel to watch laser projectors in action!

See how this single Bliss 15 projector completely transforms the walls and ceilings of this room into a view into infinite space. The laser starbeams are moving slowly in different directions with the wind blown blue nebula cloudfield gliding overhead as it gradually fades and thickens like real clouds. Like a movie screen, when you look at this projection on a white surface it disappears and you only see the depth of space due to the holographic lens creating this 3D effect.
dj pat party

Can you imagine how your next party will look when your ceiling is covered with slowly moving star beams?
Transform your home, a school gymnasium, warehouse of nightclub in seconds with the Bliss 15 or Bliss 50 available for rental lasers for parties or purchase.
jason henninger bliss party

How about opening your ceiling into the universe over your dance floor?
Notice how a BlissLight  BL-15 or  Bliss BL-50 covers this large room with laser beams, while the cloud field shows up only on ceiling and walls. Turn your ceiling into space! offers the option to rent laser projectors for partiesweddings, and special events.  Check out our manual of suggestions for exhibiting laser light displays! Additional lighting was created by candlelight bulbs to prevent from drowning out the effect lighting. Any ambient lighting can wash out laser projector effects.
See how a Bliss 15 Laser Starfield illuminates the ceiling and walls but not the table and chairs. By mounting your projector on a wall or shelf facing the ceiling, and using foil tape you can control the spread of the beams. 

The new Spright MOVE in Green or Blue Laser Starfields can make stunning indoor or outdoor displays.

See how many of the indoor or outdoor Laser Starfield Projectors can create this magical lighting effect in your home!
Project thousands of gently moving green beams and a windblown nebula cloud from Bliss 15, Bliss 50 or BlissLight Blue projectors. Photo courtesy of JBS Entertainment
 Blending special effects from a Bliss 50 and Cloudfield Projectors The moon projection is from another projector as an example of many ways to mix mediums.

Experiment with mixing the 16 color Garden Accent Light with a remote control to add colors over the Spright projectors for blended colors and effects. 
Blending BlissLight Laser Starfield Projectors with BlissLights Cloudfield Projectors gives a variety of color that continues mixing as both projectors appear as "windblown" cloud fields overlapping. Also, see Cloudfield Projectors and videos.
This enormous restaurant has a few Bliss 50 Laser Starfield Projectors evenly spaced to create a magical effect. In fact, it is much more spectacular in person than any camera can capture. Rentals start at $119 with free shipping and Laser Twilight Laser Stars can be yours for only $159! Don't wait for your friends to show you what you are missing with these incredible projectors.
Notice how turning these chandeliers to a very low setting gives an orange glow which does not interfere with the Laser Starfield lighting effects.
Notice that the Laser Starfield Projector effects are visible between these large chandeliers but effects are overwhelmed by light nearest to the fixtures.
 BlissLights Laser Starfield lighting effects show clearly in this recessed portion of a ceiling where a BL50 projector is aimed.  Lower portions of this room are dominated by a chandelier and other lighting sources.
Juline Foundation
See how an ordinary meeting room can be transformed with lighting alone!
A single Bliss 50 fills the SupperClub in San Francisco with thousands of laser beams and complimenting Blue mobing Cloudfields.
Our largest and most complex Laser Starfield Projector, the Bliss 50, fills this hall.
A Bliss Lights BL-15 or BlissLight Blue Motion makes a  magnificent indoor display.
Our Laser Starfield Projectors transform any space into an otherworldly environment.
Yoga studios, meditation centers, restaurants and professional settings of all sorts are enhanced by these soothing surroundings. A single Bliss 15 transforms these spaces. 
Starfield effect blankets the ceilings and walls to create an exciting backdrop to layers of special lighting and decoration.
BlissLights have been popular in theater settings and photography studios since they entered the scene.
Now the new Spright has become a popular indoor projector as well, even though it does not have the blue cloudfield effect.
Brides love the romantic touch of a starry sky effect for wedding ceremonies and receptions, especially for that first dance!!

Rentals are available! Fill your location with laser starfields both inside and out by renting multiple projectors for your special event.

starry IMG_1681 (23)

Try out our Multi Pattern Laser Projectors 
The starry night sky across the ceiling of any nightclub and covering the dancers always transforms the experience.
Partygoers find three-dimensional laser light rays by using a hazer-type fog machine; creating endless amusement while trying to hold beams in place. 3-D rays of light are created when you add fog or haze to a room.
Special effects photos can be taken by adding fog, then using a flash or delayed exposure while the subject is moving.
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